At CERN, we have prototyped two innovative radon monitoring devices (RaDoM and RadoNet), and we have developed a cloud based service to collect and analyze the data, to control the measurements and to drive mitigation measures based on real time data. We have field-tested our technology in several successful pilot projects. This is a completely forward-looking development, in the line of Smart Cities and Smart Homes.


The RADOM sensor measures the concentration of the radon progeny and estimates the radioactive damage to the lung. It is connected to the cloud and can drive the dose killer system.


The RADONET sensor continuously monitor the radon concentration, it is connected to the cloud and can drive already installed HVAC systems thanks to smart IoT connectors.


Data are accessible via an app from a smartphone or through a web page. Our system, based on a cloud platform, allows obtaining a detailed real-time map of the indoor radon concentration and other environmental parameters on a global scale. Relays can connect to the platform and trigger HVAC system or air purifier.